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Favored Frostings offers sweet treats for any occasion. Our specialties are  southern flavor inspired celebration cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Our goal is to provide nostalgic sweet treats for your celebrations that are reminiscent of what grandma used to make, but with a modern presentation. 

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Our Story

Favored Frostings was created out of a passion for baking that was established in early childhood. I first fell in love with baking when I was only 5 years old when my grandmother's cousin came to visit for my cousin's wedding and she was responsible for the wedding cake. It had multiple tears and even a champagne fountain in the middle. Watching her create this beautiful masterpiece placed the desire for me to be able to create cakes that were this beautiful. This experience made me want to learn more about baking and as a child I would always watch both of my grandmothers and my mother bake and when I was of age I started trying to recreate all I had learned from them. Through God's grace and guidance I have decided to share my passion with the world by creating and designing sweet treats that not only please the eyes, but satisfies the sweet tooth. 

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